Lagoscityreporters.Com Introduces Quiz Contest For Secondary And Tertiary Students, one of the leading online news platforms in the country as part of its corporate social responsibility is set to add value to the educational architecture of the country through its quiz contest for secondary and tertiary students in Lagos.

In a statement issued and signed by its publisher and Chief Executive Officer, Emeka Monye he said the quiz contest is aimed at promoting intellectualism among students in the country and to enhance the quality of education, among other objectives.

The statement further said that applicants can log on to the site, from January 1st, 2019, to commence with the registration of the contest as well as read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before filling the registration form.
Winners of the contest will be rewarded with cash prizes which include 25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand Naira) for first position; 15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira) for second placed winner and 10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira) for third place winner


Baba Suwe and the State of an Industry

Ace actor, Babatunde Omidina known as Baba Suwe is a film icon and comedian who has made indelible marks in the industry for more than a decade. Consequently, his effortless ability to bring smiles to the face of fans and movie enthusiasts, especially the Yoruba speaking industry has sealed his reputation as one of the best comic acts to grace the ever-expanding Nollywood industry.

He is currently said to be suffering from an undisclosed ailment and a video of him talking about his poor state of health and soliciting for help has gone viral.

Baba Suwe, native of Ikorodu Local government, Lagos Sate started his film career in 1972, featuring in and producing numerous movies such as Oluweri Magbojo, Laarinlodu, Obelomo, Elebolo including, Baba Jaye Jaye – one of his most popular flicks starring Funke Akindele, Femi Adebayo among others.

Despite fame and dividends of limelight to his name, Baba Suwe witnessed one event that would turn his career around in 2011, when he found himself in the net of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency ( NDLEA) .

The 61-year old was arrested on assumption that he was in possession of hard drugs believed to be cocaine. While he was at the NDLEA’s for more than two weeks, he was subjected to public humiliation and at the end of it all, the court vindicated him, ordering that he be paid the sum of N25 million for his unlawful detention.

After his ordeal with the operatives of NDLEA, film enthusiasts anticipated a come back of Baba Suwe to the Nollywood scene, but this expectation didn’t live up to the hype. Producer, Yomi Fabiyi broke the news of the deteriorating health of the veteran in an Instagram post two years ago.

“On Baba Suwe, I am calling on all senior colleagues in the entertainment world especially those close to Baba Suwe because I don’t have everyone’s contact to please reachout to him ASAP (As Soon As Possible),’’ the actor wrote on his Instagram wall.

“The torture done on him by NDLEA is vastly damaging his health at an alarming rate.

“He told me he no longer feel comfortable since that episode. Baba Suwe is a widower, he can hardly walk properly as I speak, let alone go to film.” Fabiyi narrated.

However, Baba Suwe countered Fabiyi’s narration in same year, debunking news of ill health. “My health is perfectly fine, I don’t want anybody to worry about me,” he said. Adding, “a lot of people have been calling me about the issue all day what Yomi put out is a very old story.” He told TheNetng.

With the issue of his health recurring in 2019, it is obvious Baba Suwe may not have provision for lifetime health insurance, and this extends to other actors, young and old.

When faced by health challenge, the first place most Nigerian thespians run to is social media to seek for sympathy and financial support. In some cases, other buoyant actors lend their voices to the affected colleagues only when it is brought to the public eye.

Reacting to the news that the film association has abandoned one of their own, Bolaji Amusan (Mr Latin) narrated that they have been sorting the actor’s medical bills since 2017, he said “I have just instructed the Lagos State executive of the association to check on him (Baba Suwe) to ascertain his health progress. I can tell you that we have not abandoned him, as well as any of our members, as being speculated in some quarters by mischief-makers.”

A video which is currently in circulation on social media, has Baba Suwe narrating his current state of health, soliciting public help and also revealing that he may have been battling partial stroke.

Some of the celebrities whose attention has also been drawn to this issue have started showing support to the veteran, either by crowdfunding or donating to him. Also, some actors have found themselves suffering heavy backlash from fans who believed they have done nothing to support Baba Suwe.

However, a top Nollywood stakeholder who spoke on the current state of Baba Suwe and the industry’s impact, said “Baba Suwe is only looking for sympathy, I and some other members do give Baba Suwe money on personal grounds. I am sad that Baba Suwe is used his ailments to paint the industry.”

“Baba Suwe has diabetes and high blood pressure, not stroke as people have been misinformed,”he concluded.

We Are Poised To Build Solar-powered Filling Stations In All 57 Lcdas In Lagos- Petrocam MD

The Managing Director of Petrocam Trading Nigeria Limited, Mr. Patrick Ilo has declared the intention of the company to build solar powered filling stations in all 57 Local Council Development Areas (LCDA) in Lagos.

Ilo disclosed this on Monday February 18, 2019 at the official opening of its ninth solar-powered filling station at Lagos-Badagry Expressway Way, Iyana Itire, Lagos. The station has five metric tonnes gas skid and six underground tanks with 60,000 litres capacity each, five tanks for Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) popularly know as petrol and one tank for Automated Gas Oil (AGO).

He noted that the company is determined to domicile and spot its brand which is highly unique in different parts of Nigeria.

According to him, Petrocam is determined to build 57 solar-powered filling stations in all LCDAs of Lagos so that in every local government people will see Petrocam providing quality service all encompassing a one-stop shop for PMS,LPG, Diesel, lubricants and all other accessory services.

Ilo noted that Petrocam is trying to pride itself in terms of giving value to retail distribution as nobody has done before in terms of ambiance,aesthetics, beauty, credibility, honesty and integrity.

While commenting on the downstream sub-sector of the Nigeria oil and gas industry, Ilo stated that: “downstream is a fantastic job because we are the closest to the customers. It is the last top of interaction with the customers and it is still the most delicate part of the sector in terms of contact with people and everybody know I am an advocate of the deregulation. For downstream investors to survive or for petroleum products to survive there has to be deregulation. Government has to create a open playing field for all stakeholders in the sector. It will be at the advantage of everybody because prices will differ from one place to another and services will be abound in terms of what people are able to give. The answer for the best quality in the sector is deregulation.

Also speaking at the official opening of the filling station, the Assistant Admin Manager, Petrocam Trading Nigeria Limited, Omolara Sunmola said that Petrocam is sure different from other filling stations from the way the station is built in terms of the operational aspect aesthetics, beauty and many more.

According to her, Petrocam currently has the highest solar-powered filling stations in Nigeria, if not in Africa.

“Currently, of all the ten outlets we have, it is just the first one that we don’t have it solar powered, the remaining stations are solar powered. We are special when it comes to aesthetics. Our filling stations are very beautifully planned. The canopies are space out most important because of the effect of the sun. We want to get a good angle to the sun. Aside the aesthetics which is the beauty, Petrocam also stand for customer loyalty. We try to give the best to our customers. We do not cheat our customers. We do not tamper with pump,” she stated.

Before its current drive to penetrate the local market, Petrocam’s major focus was importing refined petroleum products such as petrol, gasoil, kerosene, naphtha, lubricants and greases for the oil marketing companies in Nigeria.

The Sounds of Music (2) – Olajide Boluwatife A.

If happiness is the vibe around me, I complete the circle with music; it propels me into another world where I find myself in the mind of the artiste. When I am sad, music is my comforter because I feel like the singer knows what my problem is. When I am heartbroken, music consoles me because I feel like it tells me the truth.

Even when friends become foes, music has something to tell me about them. When there is no love but hatred, music is a duct tape to hold my life together.

I can as well survive so many things but a day without music, I’m lifeless, just kill me and be done with it. I made mention of music drawing me closer to my creator? Yes, music (gospel) the one where the praises of the lord is being chanted,I realise how mighty He is, I realise how magnificent He is.
When you ask me about God I will tell you to sing His praises, He will reveal his being to you.

Gospel music might not be the king of the music trends, a larger percent of the world want to sink in the comfort of rap and blues and other genres. It is fine and good, we shouldn’t judge,so I won’t.

Music affects people differently; from the beats to the lyrics and total composition of the sound, music touch lives from various angles.

If you do not take my hopes and dreams, do not take away my music too.

– Olajide Boliwatife A

Road To February 2019: Who Is the Right Candidate? – Olajide Boluwatife A.

They are back! four years after, the train is back, with sweet and oily manifestoes adorned with dead on arrival executions. “N500 or N1000? How much is your vote? We can pay you, vote for us!” Is this your hero?

I am more amazed to read new titles everyday as I navigate through town and surf social media networks. We are in desperate times, One Sanwo something even popped up in my Snapchat Filter! If Olu wants to eat, must he spit in my plate?

From 2018 to 2019, road to February 15th birthed the emergence of new propaganda and myriad of titles; problem solver of the nation, the next level and the economy builder. These and more have always been their anthem when the wind of elections blow. After several years of promise and fail leadership, a continuous recycling of power within the same cabal.

One is challenged to ask again; are these proteges the nation’s right choice? Are they really building the state not to talk of the nation. Have they even build their own street to the next level? No! But they think they are capable of building a nation their mentors plunged into economic depression.

An adage says “Charity begins at home” This people know the truth but they will keep calling the broom rod to us, convince many a people that white is black. Why? We have not challenged the status quo, we have normalized their regular anthem and struggle with the chicken’s feeds they present to us in the name of “vote for me”.

If this money they actually give out during the campaigns can actually save lives, it would have been better but no, they can’t even feed a toddler for a day.

Now, these people will give N3,000 to be shared among fifteen people, they will beat themselves up during the sharing process because enough of N3,000 is not enough among fifteen people

The other day I was having a chat with a friend of mine and then we got to the part of the “corrupt men of the nation”. He narrated how a politician gave street boys some amount of money which they shared N300 each among themselves, they still fought each other in the process.

Since the inception of formal politics in Nigeria, a teeming numbers of politicians have been on the rise, but how do we make a better choice as each year of elections pass, a politician that cannot enable the life of a street person, what better can they do with the future of Nigeria?

Share your views with me in the comment section.

– Olajide Boluwatife A.

The Sounds Of Music – Olajide Boluwatife A

I’m in the heavens, oh! How beautiful! magnificent and soul captivating! It doesn’t get better than this,
“Heyyyy!!!!” That’s mum waking me up from my trance. How do people just spoil your fun without respecting your guts? My mum is the only “people” and she could reset me with a slap if I revolt, or make me homeless.

Welcome to my space! This is what happens to me anytime my headset is above my head, plugged to my ears as good music travels down my spine.

Music has done a whole of things to me; I don’t really have a specific taste for music, I listen to music depending on my mood. Sometimes, I listen to music to steal myself away from some conversations or people.

While I am listening to a song, the sounds take me to an imaginary studio recording my own. When I told my mother “I’m becoming a singer”, she looked at me and said “which one do you want to do” I smiled and responded “mummy if you listen to me sing ehn, you will agree that I really need to enter the studio”

Infact, I have gotten challenging complements from people when I sing “you have a very sweet voice, why not try music?” This went on for a very long time, I started writing songs as the inspiration comes. It was like I was not one of the few born to make music, for I never completed the writing of any song. It must be that I am just one of the millions born to enjoy listening to music.

Music has been a phenomenal part of my life; it relaxed my thoughts, influenced my ideas, rejuvenated my life and brought me closer to my creator.

Without music, I don’t know how my life would have been. The sound, the lyrics, the tone, the mood, the beat, name it!

Music is like the twin sister I never had, second best friend after my mother. Everyone that knows me know that I’m always with my partner, headset.

May we never embark on a journey and forget our earpiece. I make sure I have two in my bag in case someone ask for one or it goes faulty.

Olajide Boluwatife A.

Understanding Progeria Through Bimbo Adeleke’s Movie – Reverse

So I was watching the movie Reverse produced by Abimbola Adeleke, along the line I thought she was under a spell or something due to some occurrence in the story.

As the story unfolds, I discovered it wasn’t a spell or anything related to that. Imagine a married woman dumping her wifely roles to embrace a 3-years old lifestyle. Isn’t that enough reason to call a whole village? If any of our married sister ditch her usual meals and struggle with golden morn with kids on a regular, shouldn’t we ask her about life crisis and how it is affecting her?

Abimbola Adeleke who played the role of Teniola is a hardworking wife, mother, and working class woman that works judiciously to the extent of earning herself the position of a manager. Life took a new turn on her when she started displaying the aforementioned traits.

It is bemusing that someone who worships Brazilian weaving would sweep their love under the carpet for Adeoba (a type of African hairstyle) while going to the extent of adding beads to the style. Issa wawu!! I know you’re awed right now, just the way I was too.


Teniola’s family would not fold arms and watch their beautiful wife and mother reduced to an underage blinded with the euphoria of time and less bothered about the meaning of life. Teniola’s family found the problem, she has been visited by Progeria also known as Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome (HGPS).

Progeria is a rare genetic condition that causes a child’s body to age fast. Most kids with progeria do not live past age 13, this disease affect both sexes and all races equally, it is not limited to the African country alone.

The most rare syndrome is the one spotlighted through the character of Teniola in Reverse movie, an adult’s brain start degrading to that of a child. Everything that belongs to a kid is the only thing that entices them.

What births Progeria ?

A single mistake in a certain gene causes it to make an abnormal protein. When cells use this protein, called Progerin, they break down more easily. Progerin builds up in many cells of kids with Progeria, causing them to grow old quickly. Progeria is not inherited, or passed down among families.

Most kids with Progeria look healthy when they’re born, but they start to show signs of the disease during their first year. Babies with Progeria do not grow or gain weight normally. They develop traits including:

• A bigger head
• Large eyes
• A small lower jaw
• A thing nose with a “beaked” tip
• Ears start stick out
• Veins you can see
• Slow and abnormal tooth growth
• A high-pitched voice
• Loss of body fat and muscle
• Hair loss including eyelashes and eyebrows

Progeria doesnt affect a child’s intelligence or brain development. A child with the condition isn’t any more likely to get infections than other kids, either.
Since the symptoms are very noticeable, it is likely that your child’s pediatrician will spot them during a routine check up. At this time, there is no cure for Progeria, but researchers are working on finding one. A kind of cancer drug, FTI (farnesyltransferase inhibitors) may fix the damage.

Finally, this is a call to everyone out there to always go for check up, ask questions in order to ensure healthiness.

People with Progeria are around us, it is not contagious so please do not send them away.Show them love, come down to their level, talk to them.
They are humans too just like everyone of us!

Olajide Boluwatife A.

“Piracy Is A Sad Development The Film Industry Has Been Forced To Embrace In The Past Two Decades.” Idris Bello

Public relations expert and Creative Lead, Emiralty Africa, Idris Bello on Thursday discussed Public Relations, Marketing and Business of Film in Nollywood at the Student Director’s Forum.

In his speech, Idris explained the significance of Nollywood to the Nigeria economy, the effect of piracy on the industry and possible solutions to the issue.

Full text of the speech:

Film making is a reflection of our identity, collective beliefs and cultural heritage. As such, we cannot divorce societal realities from the inherent values of film. Like every other part of the world, film making in Nigeria is a great institution/industry on its own, with so much contribution to the growth of our people and the economy by extension

Where an actor hasn’t gotten to in the world, film has been able to take his face. That is an unbeatable privilege. It is interesting me to note that, Nollywood is globally rated as a veritable film making industry after Hollywood and Bollywood.
This is due to the unlimited opportunities therein, it is the sole source of survival for many individual, families and corporate bodies. Beyond that, it registered Nigeria fast enough in the global map of creative enterprise.

If we remove Nollywood from Nigeria today, I am afraid the economy might crash before midnight. This indicates the strength the industry has strived to attain for itself independently , perhaps with little support from the government. However, as an industry that keeps changing the narratives as global development occurs, several issues stand as bottleneck against its progress. In this vein, we have issues of association affiliates (professional bodies), ethnic differences, language barrier, funds, certification, and of course Piracy – the king of all.

On the issue of Piracy as it relates to film marketing, I shall cite instances from my experience so far as a digital marketing consultant for Nollywood (Yoruba) producers/marketers.
Piracy, as used in this context, is the use of works protected by copyright law without permission from the intellectual owner. This goes as far as infringing certain exclusive rights granted to the copyright holder, such as the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the protected work, or to make derivative works. We have had several investors pull out because they couldn’t cope with the sad effect of piracy on their movie projects, while we still have more marketers struggling to keep up.

Piracy is a “sad development” the film industry has been forced to embrace in the past two decades. A war between Idumota and Alaba. Though yoruba marketers have moved from idumota to army arena, Oshodi. The funny tragedy is that, the major players of piracy are reportedly to be the Alaba boys. What then makes it worse for Yoruba marketers is that, the master copy of their movies are always taken to Alaba market for mass production so as for them (Yoruba marketers) to sell after release. What this means is that, Alaba is the only place where the mass duplication equipments are. Movie pirates are sophisticated in their activities and even have a “lovely” distribution network, which most professional Nigerian filmmakers and marketers lack.

The issue of piracy in Nigeria has been much talked about in the entertainment world, which mostly involve the film making industry. A recent study revealed that eight out of every 10 works in the market are pirated copies. This invariably translates that only 20% of Nigerian producers/marketers get back their money from sales of their materials. This act, which is also a salient form of corruption in the county, has become an impediment to filmmakers and the development of arts and has led to the loss of resources by entertainment stakeholders in Nigeria.

It is widely believed that filmmakers/marketers lack strategic distribution plan for their films but pirates do. However, my recent observation has made me understand that Yoruba film marketers are so glued to their normal distribution style, as they are not so adaptive to review strategies from time to time, concerning market requirements.

Piracy has affected the traditional DVD distribution network terribly; Hence, filmmakers now look towards digital marketing (YouTube and other social media platforms). YouTube has been the saving grace for Nollywood. Most marketers have online platforms with google AdSense. It is a veritable alternative for their business. They make less or no profit from DVD distribution lately, but they just need to continue so as to maintain business relationship with viewers/consumers in far remote areas that do not have access to internet, and also to sustain the name of their respective brands.

The concern of marketers in the area of digital marketing is how to target and capture expected online audience for their contents. By this, they employ the services of social media agencies or brands that have followers who are interested in movies.

Some of the social media pages on instagram that have followers who are interested in movies (particularly Yoruba movies) are @EmiraltyAfrica , @celebritiescorner , @ilovenollywoodstar, @shawttynatt, @gberatv1 and @Nollywoodolofofo among others.

While DVD is still a viable means of revenue in Nollywood (to a limited extent), filmmakers now make more money from digital platforms.
From the foregoing, a cursory look at the above myriad of discussion on Nollywood, filmmaking, piracy and marketing, it can be conveniently submitted that ,there are better chances for the industry to grow better than it is currently.

While we can’t shy away from the fact that the industry needs serious reforms at all fronts, we are comforted by the undying survival spirit of the likes of Corporate pictures, Olasco, Epsalum and numerous independent marketers. As I stated earlier, piracy can’t end for now, it can only be curbed. The war against it must be a collective one. More awareness needs to be raised against piracy. It is a deadly canker worm,that has eaten deep into the heart of film marketing. Also, stakeholders must see to the stop of street hawking of intellectual properties. Producers must also be interested in making marketers accountable for every copy of their content meant to be sold.

While we go to the government for saving grace, consumers of pirated movies can do film makers a great service by refusing to patronize street hawkers. Nollywood is ours, it is in our best interest to see to its victory over piracy.

Marriage Is Not A Death Arena – Olajide Boluwatife A.

“Hello, Bolu!” says the sobbing voice that I have just responded to over the phone, “please come get me at the junction of our house, please! please! Hello! Hello!” silence rents the atmosphere as the phone call declined.

By this time of the night, how do I get there? I can’t even drive. I called a neighbour of mine to take me down there, Unfortunately, she had passed out in front of her husband’s house.We quickly took her to the hospital where she was resuscitated.

When she had energy to talk, I asked her what happened, she narrated how her husband had beaten her very badly and she had to pack out of her matrimonial home. It has always been like that after the first six months of their marriage. The husband would always find fault in whatever she does, no explanation nor chance was ever given to her.
I have advised her severally to consult a counselor alongside her husband, seems they need more seminar than they did before marriage. But, every time the topic is raised back in her home, she ends up nursing wounds.

I advised severally to walk away from a marriage that lacks love, peace happiness, joy, care and attention, but, what I get was “I love my husband”
I stopped advising, because I do not want to be tagged with a bad name. After losing her first child due to birth complications, she realised it is time to walk away before she dies.

This is the case of my friend but, I’m using it as a talking point to both genders, married or not married. Take a walk away from domestic violence by all cost. Dear husbands, learn to tolerate your wife, it is said that women are fragile beings that need to be pampered and cared for.
Wife respect your husband, learn to understand them.

Before marriage, try to get to know each other, don’t just assume marriage, wedding is a day, marriage is a life time. Take enough time to know your partner, it doesn’t matter how many month.
Know who you want to live with. Don’t shy away from the truth, because it hurts. If you eventually find yourself in such marriage, don’t keep quiet, let the world hear your voice.

Take a walk if there is no changes.

Marriage is not a death arena!

Olajide Boluwatife A.

Does Your Religion Preach Peace and Love? – Olajide Boluwatife A.

Should it be a thing of rancour and discrimination?
Why should this cause enmity among millennial?
From Islam to Christianity and traditional religion, should faithfuls encounter problems for practising?
No! It should not.

You! Yes you! Because you are not practicing a religion does not mean you should condemn the other. Everybody has their interest pertaining to the religion they are practicing, It’s not about my parents are doing it, I am doing it too, No! Define your path and follow if you are pleased with it.

Nowadays, religion has caused a lot of abuses in the world. People have one or two comments to pass about another belief. Faiths clash, the world crumble, peace is threatened, religion is victimized. By who, by the people who practice the religion.

If you are friends with people from a different religion and you discover the unusual in their way of worship, call them, ask them what you noticed and accord them respect and room to explain. Don’t be judgemental. The God that sat up there and allowed us to have more than one religion in the world is no fool. He (GOD) could have prevented the practice of more than one religion.
Should we still be criticizing each others religion or understand each other differences?

Identify the differences!,Your religion should not stop you from being friends with other religions.
This world is just a market place, we shall return to our creator one day, a day that no man knows. Advocate for a religion that preach peace and love.

Work towards making a grand entrance back home and not judge others when you will be judged by the all-knowing. Hence, the key to the home would be changed before you get there!

So, does your religion preach peace and love?

– Olajide Boluwatife A.