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What Happens When A Man and A Woman Have Sex-Actor,Ik Ogbonna


Model and Actor,Ik Ogbonna took to his Instagram and write about the sexual connection between a man and woman,read below

“Each time a man connects with a woman sexually and releases his life form energy within her, he leaves a part of his information (DNA) in her birth canal. If she doesn’t clean herself, his energy remain inside of her

That imprint can often create illusional sexual addiction to the individual. When someone decides to have multiple partners, it can sometimes send mixed emotional signals within the inside of the body’s vibration system

Women must be careful of different energies or spiritual forces polluting their internal temple. You are a sacred doorway, where life is intended to pass through, respect yourself, use ur gifts wisely! Just think about it and ask yourself… Ever wonder why they call it s.exual intercourse (INTER-Course)? It’s an inter(nal) course that unites man and woman, mind with mind, spirit with spirit, or energy with energy

This is something that a condom can’t protect you against because energy is behind d elements of all flesh. There is no such thing as “Casual” Se.x or “Friends with Benefits”… No, No, No, I Don’t Think So!!! In.timate activity intricately entwines d energies between 2 people. Sex creates a powerful exchange of energy between those involved

These connections, imprints and debris are left upon the mind, soul and spirit for a long time because they are not easily purged or cleansed. ‘Casual sex’ with multiple partners can intertwine the energies and spirits of a lot of people into your own aura if they are not severed and cleansed. You become joined to every person with whom your partner has slept, as well as all the partners those people had This type of “soul clutter” can be felt by your partner’s subconscious.

Even if they are not completely in tune or aware of the extra-curricular s.exual activities, they still are able to sense the subtle disturbances of multiple energies and/or familiar spirits that have entered causing restlessness and inner turmoil. The longer and more intimate the contact with another person, the more powerful the reinforcement and the interaction of the bond becomes, and all the more difficult it is for them to untangle and leave.”


Woman who filmed Sex with Pitbull to ‘arouse her Boyfriend’ pleads Guilty to Bestiality

Jenna Driscoll

Jenna Driscoll, 27, burst into  tears after pleading guilty today to a raft of charges including bestiality and drug trafficking.
Cops dicovered three videos of Jenna Louise Driscoll having sex with a pit bull on her mobile phone.The judge hearing the case today branded the shockingsex sessions “repulsive and completely against the order of nature”.

In court on Friday prosecutor Dzenita Balic said: “It seems the videos were in connection to the attempted arousal of her partner.”


Thus,the videos were filmed to arouse her partner sexuality. In his statement,Driscoll’s lawyer, James Godbolt said his client had gone from a highly dysfunctional childhood to a highly dysfunctional relationship that lasted about six years.

Driscoll ran away from home when she was 16, started a relationship with a man 12 years older and started smoking cannabis when she was 18.

Driscoll pleaded guilty to bestiality, drug trafficking,stabbing another woman with a fork and twice biting a child.

However,” Driscoll burst into tears when told she would be spending the weekend behind bars after Judge Martin said he needed time to consider before her sentencing on Monday.”- Daily Mirror.

Nigerians and Pakistanis Named Top Searchers of Gay Porn over the Internet

In a report by Huffington Post,Nigeria and Pakistan are two of the planet’s most anti-gay countries, 

so why are residents of both nations searching for so much gay pornography?

As eagle-eyed Alex Park pointed out in a recent Mother Jones post, Pakistan is, according to Google Trends, “by volume the world leader for Google searches of the terms ‘transgendered sex,’ ‘teen anal sex,’ and ‘man fxcking man.'”

Both Pakistan and Nigeria rank in the top five for Google searches of the term “gay sex pics” and “anal sex pics.” Kenya, another vehemently anti-gay nation, ranked first for both searches.