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Does Your Religion Preach Peace and Love? – Olajide Boluwatife A.

Should it be a thing of rancour and discrimination?
Why should this cause enmity among millennial?
From Islam to Christianity and traditional religion, should faithfuls encounter problems for practising?
No! It should not.

You! Yes you! Because you are not practicing a religion does not mean you should condemn the other. Everybody has their interest pertaining to the religion they are practicing, It’s not about my parents are doing it, I am doing it too, No! Define your path and follow if you are pleased with it.

Nowadays, religion has caused a lot of abuses in the world. People have one or two comments to pass about another belief. Faiths clash, the world crumble, peace is threatened, religion is victimized. By who, by the people who practice the religion.

If you are friends with people from a different religion and you discover the unusual in their way of worship, call them, ask them what you noticed and accord them respect and room to explain. Don’t be judgemental. The God that sat up there and allowed us to have more than one religion in the world is no fool. He (GOD) could have prevented the practice of more than one religion.
Should we still be criticizing each others religion or understand each other differences?

Identify the differences!,Your religion should not stop you from being friends with other religions.
This world is just a market place, we shall return to our creator one day, a day that no man knows. Advocate for a religion that preach peace and love.

Work towards making a grand entrance back home and not judge others when you will be judged by the all-knowing. Hence, the key to the home would be changed before you get there!

So, does your religion preach peace and love?

– Olajide Boluwatife A.


Lady Narrates How Friend Got Missing after Boarding Micra Taxi in Ibadan

 A twitter user narrates how her friend board a “Micra” taxi within the Ibadan metropolis and later found herself in Ondo state the following day without the belongings she took on board.

See tweets below;

“She came to her senses this morning,no phone,no bag,Nothing!She has no idea what happened to the other two ladies who took the cab with her.

All these rubbish Ibadan micra Taxi.May God just continue to protect us from all these ritualists in Ibadan” she said.

Maje Had Asked If He Could Tape Us Having Sex-Toke Makinwa talks Relationship and Finding Peace in Her New Book “On-Becoming”

 Toke Makinwa  shared her incredible relationship story in her soon to be released book “On Becoming”. In the following excerpts from the book,she talked about her wedding with Maje,making a sextape and bleaching to please her lover. Read below:

“It was my wedding day. I was happy, yet I was waiting for something to happen. Maje had disappointed me three times before. We would pick a date to go to the wedding registry and he would call it off. It wasn’t until we shared our first dance that I finally believed that it had happened. 

We got back together (after a quarrel because Maje took ‘an ex’ to a party he bluntly told Toke he wasn’t taking her to and he and the ex were ‘touching freely and kissing’)… Maje invited me to Abuja…. As I was putting away my things I saw all kinds of feminine items – earrings on the dresser, sanitary pads in the drawer…”

She further revealed that:”At some point while we were dating, Maje had asked if he could tape us having sex. This was a new one for me but I would do anything to keep my man, or so I thought, and so I obliged. But I was nervous afterwards because I didn’t want the tape to get into the wrong hands.

I dragged the file back to his desktop, and I could tell from the stilled image in the video that the person in it was not me. I clicked play and watched horrified as Maje had sex with Anita. Watching that video, all of the inadequacies I thought I had dealt with over the years came rushing back.

I had been with Maje from when I was an immature teenager, through my twenties, and for most of those years, Anita had been the standard I had to live up to. I had lightened my skin at some point – Anita was half Lebanese and half Ibibio, and Maje made me feel like he preferred her lighter skin.”

“There was a 70-day fasting and prayer programme at my church. I joined in: I was praying for Maje and I. On the final day, I asked God to reveal why Maje and I couldn’t find peace with each other. I opened my email address and typed Maje’s email address in. I went through email after email until I found pictures of a boy that looked exactly like Maje”

What Happens When A Man and A Woman Have Sex-Actor,Ik Ogbonna


Model and Actor,Ik Ogbonna took to his Instagram and write about the sexual connection between a man and woman,read below

“Each time a man connects with a woman sexually and releases his life form energy within her, he leaves a part of his information (DNA) in her birth canal. If she doesn’t clean herself, his energy remain inside of her

That imprint can often create illusional sexual addiction to the individual. When someone decides to have multiple partners, it can sometimes send mixed emotional signals within the inside of the body’s vibration system

Women must be careful of different energies or spiritual forces polluting their internal temple. You are a sacred doorway, where life is intended to pass through, respect yourself, use ur gifts wisely! Just think about it and ask yourself… Ever wonder why they call it s.exual intercourse (INTER-Course)? It’s an inter(nal) course that unites man and woman, mind with mind, spirit with spirit, or energy with energy

This is something that a condom can’t protect you against because energy is behind d elements of all flesh. There is no such thing as “Casual” Se.x or “Friends with Benefits”… No, No, No, I Don’t Think So!!! In.timate activity intricately entwines d energies between 2 people. Sex creates a powerful exchange of energy between those involved

These connections, imprints and debris are left upon the mind, soul and spirit for a long time because they are not easily purged or cleansed. ‘Casual sex’ with multiple partners can intertwine the energies and spirits of a lot of people into your own aura if they are not severed and cleansed. You become joined to every person with whom your partner has slept, as well as all the partners those people had This type of “soul clutter” can be felt by your partner’s subconscious.

Even if they are not completely in tune or aware of the extra-curricular s.exual activities, they still are able to sense the subtle disturbances of multiple energies and/or familiar spirits that have entered causing restlessness and inner turmoil. The longer and more intimate the contact with another person, the more powerful the reinforcement and the interaction of the bond becomes, and all the more difficult it is for them to untangle and leave.”