Top Pick Movies on Yorubaplus TV this Weekend

Yorubaplus TV is serving esteemed viewers with the best movie culture this weekend.  Enjoy the ride with the tailored movie list made for you alone.

See the list below:

1. Four Couples: With over 170k views in the first week of release is a  creatively-weaved movie that reveals the various uphill battles faced in marriages. 

2. Aduke Alajo (OWO MMM): An hilarious drama that explores the travails of a young thrift collector with a high hope/plan for greener pastures. What would she do when her plans fail? Full story on Yorubaplus TV

3. Ija: a story about two young ladies with similar nightmares. They are challenged with a hidden myth which requires an arduous task to manifest. Find out how they solve their mystery on Yorubaplus

4. Alaso Funfun: What is your perception about reincarnation? Do you think it is a myth or reality? Find out now in this yet another intense drama about life and death.

5. Blackmail: A wealthy man in politics has a hideous secret he thought was safe. A blackmailer pays him a dreadful visit and it seems all hell is about to break loose. What fate awaits our wealthy politician? Visit Yorubaplus TV for more.
6. Arojinle: It tells the story of few individuals who engage in degrading acts to fulfill their selfish interests. Find out how these acts ruined relationships, reputations and more in Arojinle this weekend.

7.Arulogun: An epic movie about a powerful warrior and demi-god destined to save her people from autocratic perpetrators.  Watch and thank us later!

8. Ola Inu Kan: Tells an emotional story about a financially handicapped family. All efforts to opt out of their life-saddening moments is thwarted by their closest confidant. Find out how they made their breakthrough on Yorubaplus TV.
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