Fans push Yewande Adekoya for an Oscar Award,Reasons will Amaze You!

​Yewande Adekoya has once again sustained her place in the league of esteemed filmmmakers with worthy creative products to deliver.

She did so well with her new movie IRUBO.

The movie is about the sacrifices we make for our loved ones everytime the need arises. Yes, we can conveniently say we love someone but how far can we really go for those we claim to love dearly. 

Fans who have seen the movie can’t but express their satisfaction and love for the skilled filmmaker as they drop their comments without delay.

The movie stars the likes of Adebayo Salami, Abeni Agbon, Kunle Afod and Tawakalit Ajisefinni among others.

Since its release, thousands of viewers around the globe have seen the highly satirical movie. Thus, most viewers were able to relate with the messages therein.

If you are yet to see IRUBO, you need to hurry up.You can watch it online on OLEKU TV, YouTube.

Happy viewing.


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