Gambia Leader,Yahya Jammeh Rejects Election Results

“A week after conceding defeat to his opponent in the presidential election, Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh has rejected the result.” The Nation reports

Citing abnormalities, Jammeh who lost to Adama Barrow of the opposition said he rejected the result after a thorough investigation and called for a fresh exercise.

“I lament serious and unacceptable abnormalities which have reportedly transpired during the electoral process.

“I recommend fresh and transparent elections which will be officiated by a God-fearing and independent electoral commission, ” Jammeh said

The results of the election were revised by the country’s electoral commission on December 5 , when it emerged that the ballots for one area were added incorrectly, swelling Mr Barrow’s vote.

The error, which also added votes to the other candidates, “has not changed the status quo” of the result, the commission said.

Responding to Jammeh’s turn around, Barrow accused the incumbent leader of damaging democracy by refusing to accept the result.


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