9Year Old Boy Who wished To Be A Yahoo Boy Bags Endorsement


The kid bagged an endorsement deal with a fashion brand known as Magnum Stitches.

9year Old Segun Wire who caused an internet outbreak recently through an Instagram video where he was saying emphatically that his wish is to become a yahoo boy when he becomes older.
 This development caused an uproar among internet users who criticize the boy’s wish while some others blaming the state of the economy for such occurrence.

However,an Instagram account has since then been opened with handle “Segun_wire” where activities of the boy are  posted. It seems he is no more interested in being  a yahoo boy as his profile claims He is an entertainer and aspiring actor.

Segun wire has been noticed and shown love by celebrities like Reminisce,Solidstar,Sexy Steel who even used the boy’s viral slang “Walaitalai” in an Instagram video, while another Nollywood producer,Kunle Afod is already grooming the boy for movie production to step up the little boy’s career.


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