Why You Must Be an Entrepreneur

Somebody said “the secrets to money making is not in school” those tutors only show you the way and leave you to decipher the secrets yourself.There is no manual for survival in reality,You have to create your own.

The days of the three Gs ;”Goto School,Get a degree and Get a job” is almost fading away as the state of the nation introduces an M to the Three Gs;”Goto School,Master a craft, Get a Degree and Get a Job”.

Starting up your own business gives you financial freedom and less headache about the state of the economy.You are open to opportunities and increasing knowledge in risk management.

You are the boss  and either you are making profit or not,you owe the whole efforts to yourself.

 If you eventually work for another firm after college,the craft you have acquired is not a waste. It gives you heads up and you can always own your game anytime you are ready.

Though, youths have been discovered starting their own SMEs in; fashion designing,media business,project consultancy, graphics design,low-budget movie making,selling of shoes and clothes,photography,bead making,make-up and many more.

The time is past “what can this society do for me”, we are at the point where we ask ourselves ” what am I doing to shape the society”. This is because if you don’t position yourself, nobody will.

“Go to School,Master a Craft!” It won’t waste. 

“Get a Degree and Get a Job”


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