Biafrans are Fools,Giving Igbo Nigerians Bad Name-Kemi Olunloyo Slams Biafrans

Daughter to one of the former governor of Oyo state and popular social media user,Kemi Olunloyo has come after Biafra agitators who have been attacking her through their Facebook page.

 She  writes:
“…Imagine these Biafran fools claiming they made me popular after they all unliked my page in June 2016. They all rushed back soon as they saw my new 25k fans. I’ve been a public figure since 10 yo on the cover of the Nigerian Tribune. I MADE YOU DUMBASSES POPULAR in the Punch, Vanguard, Newsweek and International Business Times. 

Without me none of those reporters would have touched your story abi u forgot when I was writing CNN and BBC vigorously on your behalf as they ignored your foolishness? Ungrateful bastards!  Notice how their men call me Ashawo and Harlot when they can’t deal with a real woman skoooling them?

 Part of this reason is because the female members of their families are SEX WORKERS and baby factory employees so their self-esteem is low as hell. Stop disrespecting me. I plan to really CASH IN ON YOU in 2017 since you claim you made me popular. 

“My anti-Biafra line of T-shirts, mugs and merchandise coming. #HNNBiafra line. Keep clamoring for Kanu. You were violent with the Nigerian forces who you disobeyed and they killed you. You are terrorists, your environment division Avengers have been silenced. There will be no TERRORISTS entertained anymore in #Nigeria…….PERIOD!! Abuse me all you like on Facebook, I just don’t CARE!!” She concluded.


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