The True Story of the Viral Jungle Justice Pictures of a Supposed 7year Old.-Lagos Lawyer Narrates

Continue from the picture: “They approached and circled the woman. She was held from behind by two members of the gang. One of them deftly pruned her hand bag off her shoulder and the same time attempted to retrieved the telephone with which she was making calls from her other arm. .

The last of the gang stood guard, providing cover for the others. The victim reacted swiftly. She let the hand free and held on tenaciously to her phone. A struggle ensued. The victim plaintively cried out for help. A motley crowd gathered. The other members of the gang, appropriately appraising the situation fled the scene. 

The 4th member was not so lucky. He continued to engage in an internecine struggle with victim for the phone. In desperation, he brought out a dagger, and cold bloodedly stabbed the woman repeatedly in the chest, stomach and shoulder. .

There is a proverb, when a strong animal flirts too much with the trap, he makes his meat available for children to share with teeth. The gathered crowd became enraged and promptly apprehended the abandoned thief. He was beaten to stupor, tied up and set ablaze. 

Joint Action Aid was alerted on Monday when video clips went viral on social media. We reported to the Commissioner of Police, Lagos state. The video clips were carefully analyzed and some arrest made. 

The six people arrested through our efforts denied criminal culpability and brought fast talking lawyers. More frustrating, the charred remains of the alleged thief had been removed. The area council and Orile Iganmu police claimed ignorance of the whereabouts of the corpse. 

Thus we have a dead zone situation. No dead body, no witnesses and then, most understandably, an unwilling complainant still battling for survival from the grievous multiple stabbing at the hospital. 

We returned back to the office, again defeated. Frustrated. And defeated.The rule of law is vanquished again. The rule of the jungle continues to win triumphantly.

Kingsley Ughe, a legal practitioner and General Counsel of the Joint Action Aids, can be reached via”

Ayo Adams (Contents Manager,Emiralty)


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