I Swear by Allah,There won’t be Boko Haram Insurgent,If I were President-Former VP, Atiku

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has told a gathering of people displaced by Boko Haram insurgents that Boko Haram insurgency would not have happened if he were the president of Nigeria,” DailyTrust reports
He lamented the ‘mishandling’ of Boko Haram insurgency at its early stages, saying indecisiveness and lack of leadership led to the escalation of the crisis. “I swear by Allah, if I were in charge of government, Boko Haram insurgency would not have happened. 

If you recall, while we were in office in 2002, such a small uprising, very similar to this Boko Haram, reared their head in Yobe State. We smashed it immediately. So, I think it requires a steadfast leadership, a leadership that is decisive,” he said.

The former vice president said although he was not in government when the insurgency spread to Adamawa State, he contributed hugely in liberating the state from the insurgents.


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