Super eagles player, lukman haruna sexually harassed nollywood actress, Seyi Edun

Super eagles player, lukman haruna harassed nollywood actress and Producer, Seyi Edun.


This happened last night at the famous “club uno”  on Allen avenue, ikeja. Seyi Edun also known as Eja nla was already in the club with her friends as an after party of the one year ceremonial remembrance /concert of late nollywood matron, iyalode Bankole Adunni. Eyewitness said that lukman haruna barged in the club with his friends, disturbing the fun of other guests in the club. Lukman was seen splashing money in the air. Fun got worse for him when he splashed money on Seyi Edun’s “upper body” (chest)  as Seyi blasted him immediately and threw the money back at him. It is obvious that Seyi Edun and lukman haruna had never met each other before.



Seyi’s reaction shocked everyone including lukman particularly as he(lukman)  and his friends made a fruitful attempt to show remorse and appeal for splashing money in a disrespectful manner.




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