The art of poetry is always an interesting activity as it avails one the benefits of spicing through emotions, as a fallout of experience or/and untamed imaginations. THINKING TANK is a piece by Bello idris, that addresses his experience and deep feeling for the precarious situation of things in his society.




Deeply the elders think.

So, we all should stay worried.

Gradually, common sense sinks,

Our legacy- dead, long buried.



We all should stay worried,

If we don’t, who will?

Afterall it’s our cross,

Collectively we bear the loss.


Let Musa Interrogate Yinka,

Let Adakole engage Emeka,

It’s all about confusions,

We live in illusions.


When the elders sigh,

It shows the problems are high;

Don’t dare the elders eyes,

For experience there lies.


Solemnly, head goes low,

Progress speeds like “go slow”;

We all should be flogged,

For we gave ourselves to be robbed.


Now that we take more selfie,

Than we think groupie,

We all need to be worried,

For we are just being selfish.


It’s high time we thought,

We must set forth.

Our fathers had fought,

We only need to comport.


– Bello idris olakunle

Poet, Arts Administrator, Social commentator


Image… Segun Adefila


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