In the face of terror, social disorders, crimes and fading humanity, the artist has a key role to play- To speak up. The artist should stand committed. Preach peace and advocate unity. For His arts would mostly thrive in a peaceful atmosphere. The artist must advocate sanity for humanity. Bello’s poem plays on a soft and appealing language to every human being, that peace is all we need. Read and feel the message Bello passes in ALL MINDS ON DECK.



So, lets reason,
Before us is a critical season,
We shouldnt stop believing,
With optimism, we’ ll keep winning.

From Aba to Adoka,
Bariga to Asaba,
Delta to Gwagalada,
Lets reason together.

Lets allow peace reign,
Lets put a stop to violent reign,
Violence brings more loss than gain,
Lets support peace again and again.

Lets make it crystal clear,
We dont have to live with fear,
Lets create a society that is fair,
Together we can conquer fear.

-Bello, I.O



2 thoughts on “ALL MINDS ON DECK

  1. The worlds are busy building arsenal
    Yet they say war is destructive
    If peace is such phenomenal
    The this logic is instructive

    Peace is made in the synagogue of strife
    Yet they say war is destructive
    How did peace earn its life
    This logic is instructive

    Even prophets fought wars
    Yet they say war is destructive
    Which great nation was built without war
    This logic is instructive

    God even said war will end the world
    Yet they say war is destructive
    After the wars, paradise will replace our world
    This logic is instructive

    Do I crave or dread conflict?
    Is strife and conflict always destructive?
    Between a man’s feet is conflict
    This logic is instructive

    The west think they owe the right to war
    Yet they say war is destructive
    Everyman has a choice of war
    Yes, the logic is instructive


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