Every man has pact with luck, so as with fate. We all cannot find luck in same proportion, so as of destiny. Efforts connect the two. Ultimately along the lines, so does death lurks. When for a man is death better? Read Bello Idris’ WHEN DEATH IS BETTER for more insight.



To live

Is to die;

To buy

Is to leave ;

To leave

Is to say “bye”;

When death is better,

It cements man’s gutter,

When death is better,

It takes man away from the stream of suffer.

At every corner,

Thus man runs helter-skelter,

To make things better.

In search of a helper,

Man looks farther.

Farther and farther…

Every man is a sinner,

Yet, death option is not better.

Stay stronger,

Pray harder,

For things would come better.

Make thy thoughts lighter,

Make thy wishes brighter,

Never stay sober.

To thy God move nearer,

For only He knows better.

Hold on to your faith tighter,

Stay to your dreams closer,

Work… Pray harder.

When death is indeed better,

Is when man has achieved greater,

That he might enjoy life hereafter.


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