The 2015 general elections in Nigeria apparently witnessed tensed drama at all stages of preparation and realization. For the first time since the return of democracy in 1999, a sitting democratically elected president was “dethroned”. The daura, katsina born retired general, also a former military head of state, General Muhammad Buhari won the presidential election in a landslide victory under the “umbrella” of the All Progressives Congress- A fall out of a purposeful coalition.

Before the general elections, the nation has precariously lost her virtue as the giant of Africa due to numerous vices ranging from terrorism, corruption, bad governance and high rate of unemployment among others. These factors and more questioned the nation’s reputation in the global scene. Consequently, most Nigerians are beginning to lose interest in the country’s leadership structure at all levels.

However, the change of leadership is of the hope that things would change, perhaps for the better. Hence, expectations of all Nigerians and international societies are high. As the nation celebrates 55 years of independence, the focus of the president, with support from all governance quarters, is to give us a new Nigeria. A Nigeria where a child can dream without fear and achieve greatness without doubts.

Primarily, there should be a comprehensive national rebirth. Thus, everyone should be made to know and believe that, change is an ideology that exists in the mind; a philosophy that heightens our level of moral consciousness for self and others. In this vein, the federal government should further empower the ministries of education and Information respectively. This is to enable a huge national campaign to awaken and educate everyone of common social ideals that should be well practiced and encouraged. Every child at home and at school must be well intimated with moral virtues that contribute to social development. Some fundamental aspects of the country’s constitution must be taught at schools. Along these lines, religious bodies also have the responsibility of advocating peace, love and cooperation as relevant factors that determine the growth of the society, thereby citing examples from their respective religious teachings.

Another significant area the government needs to pay attention to is the judicial system. It is high time the government did total sanitisation of the judiciary. It is a very sensitive organ. The moment people get tired (though some are already tired) of the judiciary, then all talks on reform are mere propaganda. The disciplinary arm of the Nigerian Bar Association is obliged to wake and be more active in sanctioning erring members.

Though representatives at the state and national assemblies have done little or nothing since their inauguration, the people still keep tab hoping that things do not fall apart beyond repair. The battle of interests at the federal legislature is becoming embarrassing and perpetually appalling as it brings nothing to fore but unnecessary distraction hindering the purpose of being elected.

Above all, it is expedient to commend that, things are beginning to change gradually since May 2015. The president is yet to appoint ministers and heads of some agencies, his body language technique is a golden effect. Most communities in Nigeria now enjoy electricity supply, while the anti-graft agencies are on their toes. Though the latter isn’t so welcomed by some quarters, but SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCES, it’s all for good.

Overall, as a nation of diverse cultures, sub- cultures and various social philosophies, it is most obvious that we are a people of drums, colourful exhibitions, extravagant standards and impressionistic projections. Amidst these interminable social characters , it is expedient for us all at any level, to observe keenly, think logically and  exercise commitments in order to attain a saner society, where peace and socio- economic stability are enjoyed by the populace; a society where every common man is not treated as common but with honour; a society where every ordinary citizen is not addressed as ordinary but as a stakeholder ; above all, a society where every leader would lead courteously and consciously.


Creative Head, EMIRALTY

Social commentator, poet and arts administratorIMG_20151001_080750


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