” Menopause at teen “- Bello I.O

The wind- gentle no more,

The storm- rages.

An excess to the left,

Forced from the right,

Makes the center barren.

The scale cries of imbalance,

Pendulum swings out of rhythm.

From innocent green to orphaned brown;

The leaf withers.

From eye-storming zinc to brown-rusted roof;

The edifice leaks.

A transition- of age and defeated seasons.

The pierced iroko tree,

Sheds gummy liquid.

Turbulent defection- season of indictment.

Mountain’s edges crack-

The dropping pebbles ache.

The peacock’s intestine twists;

Tangled in anguish.

Climax; claustrophobia thus trends

Avalanche of anxiety occlude realities.

Can someone find me?

A soldier ant at Mecca- for pilgrimage or what?

No cause for control,

Everything is under alarm.

Bello, I. O.


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